A scholarship has not been entered into the system if:
  • The student was offered a scholarship but did not accept the scholarship as required (it may appear on the student’s account at one point or another, but it will be canceled if the official acceptance form was never received), this applies only to new student's to UNM;
  • The student was awarded a Departmental Scholarship, but the Scholarship Office has not received documentation from the college/school to that effect;
  • The student was awarded an External Scholarship, but the Scholarship Office has not received the check;
  • The student was awarded an External Scholarship, but the individual/organization requires enrollment verification before sending the check; or
  • The student was awarded an External Scholarship, but the check received requires student endorsement. If a check requires endorsement, the student will be notified upon receipt via the student's LoboWeb account.
  • The student was awarded multiple Freshman Scholarships. In this case, the higher dollar award will supersede the lower dollar award, meaning that the student cannot receive two separate Freshman Scholarships and the lower dollar award will be canceled/waived.

Student Athletes

If a student athlete is awarded any type of scholarship, approval from the Athletic Department is needed before the scholarship can credit the student's account. If your scholarship is appearing on your account, but has not yet credited, please contact the UNM Sports Compliance Manager, Amy Beggin, at 505-925-5835 or through email at abeggin@unm.edu.

Scholarship Payment

Merit-based scholarships awarded by the Scholarship Office are divided into two equal payments for fall and spring semesters.

Scholarships are paid on a semester basis directly to the student's account for all university expenses.

  • When a scholarship posts to an account, a credit will appear on the bill. When credits exceed university expenses, a refund will be issued for the difference. Please view the Bursar's Office web site regarding refund options.
  • Students are responsible for payment of their Bursar’s billing statement by the enrollment cancellation date.
  • If a scholarship appears on your account prior to the enrollment cancellation date, it will assist your enrollment cancellation balance.
  • If a scholarship has not appeared on your student account, please contact the Scholarship Office, the donor or the appropriate college/school prior to the enrollment cancellation date.
  • The Scholarship Office is not responsible for enrollment cancellations or late fees resulting from outstanding balances.
  • Scholarships processed prior to the first day of classes will appear as estimated on all tuition bills issued in advance of disbursement.
  • The balance due on the tuition bill does not necessarily reflect your scholarship/financial aid.
  • Students are required to enroll for a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester in order to receive scholarship funds.

National Student Exchange and International Student Exchange (NSE/ISE)

Students are eligible to receive Freshman, General, and External Scholarship funds during terms in which they are participating in exchange programs.

  • Scholarship funds are paid at the beginning of the term assuming the student plans to enroll for a minimum 12 credit hours.
  • Because coursework completed by NSE/ISE students posts at the end of the term, scholarship funds paid to a student's billing account will be charged back if the student did not enroll for 12 hours.
  • In addition, colleges and schools typically allow students to receive Departmental Scholarship funds while participating in an exchange program. Students should contact the college/school that awarded the Departmental Scholarship for more information on their policies regarding NSE/ISE.